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Changes to notices about parking have been causing chaos in the Dartmoor National Park after motorists claimed that new subtle signs are not clear enough. [more]
Work is underway to address the parking problem being experienced at the new Houldsworth Centre in Wishaw, Scotland. [more]
A van fitted with CCTV cameras is to deployed in Lincolnshire to help combat the parking problems being experienced at local schools. [more]
Parking permits have been issued in Stratford as a means of tackling the problem of overnight parking in the area. [more]
Thurrock Council has announced plans for a new scheme which will empower parents and teachers at a local primary school to issue parking tickets. [more]
Derby City Council has revealed that new parking enforcement plans could be introduced to tackle parking problems on Derby County match days. [more]
Homeowners in Govan, Glasgow are taking advantage of the parking problems at the nearby hospital by renting out their driveways as parking space. [more]
Criminal gangs in Staffordshire are targeting parking machines, stealing the money inside and causing thousands of pounds of damage in the process. [more]
Residents of Saxon Close in Stratford have voiced their anger over ongoing parking problems in the area. [more]
Pembrokeshire County Council has said that it is considering parking enforcement measures amid issues at Lowertown Quay. [more]
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