Flashpark - Appeals



  • The vehicle was not improperly parked i.e. it was not in that position
  • The vehicle was stolen
  • You are not the owner or keeper of the vehicle.

How to appeal a Parking Charge Notice

Write to us at Flashpark, Po Box 21425, Highgate, London, N6 6WP
Legal restrictions mean we cannot deal with any appeals over the telephone
You Must Appeal Within 28 Days Of The Date Of Issue Of The Parking Charge Notice.


When appealing you must include:

  1. Parking charge notice number
  2. Vehicle registration number
  3. Name
  4. Full postal address and postcode
  5. Copies of any documents as evidence

Examples of rejected appeals

  • My permit fell off the windscreen
  • I left my permit in my bag
  • I’m a blue badge holder
  • I was only there for a few minutes
  • My car had broken down
  • I could not find anywhere else to park
  • I did not notice the signs
  • I was just visiting my friend
  • I cannot afford the amount

We DO NOT accept appeals by phone or email
Please read the below section carefully before deciding to appeal.

Examples of rejected appeals

I am not the owner of the vehicle at the time of the offence

We require a copy of the V5, confirmation from the DVLA and an official sales certificate to prove you were not the owner.  This is your responsibility, not ours to get these from the DVLA  Only send copies not originals.

I have a blue badge/ blue badge fell down

Blue Badge Holders are not exempt from parking restrictions on private land.  This is not a valid appeal.


I changed address and did not receive the parking charge notice

By law, you are required to notify the DVLA when changing address. We require proof from the DVLA of the new address details so we can update our system.

I just got a final notice saying I’ve lost my right to appeal.

The final notice can only be sent out if a 1st notice has been issued.

I only stopped there for a few minutes, there was an emergency

As the driver, it is your responsibility to abide by any terms and conditions set by the landowner.  Non compliance of these terms constitutes trespass and you are liable for any costs.

My permit fell off the windscreen.

Any permits, pay and display tickets must be clearly visible.  This is not a valid appeal

I did not see the signs

There are clear signs visible from all parts of the parking area.

I do not believe this parking charge notice amount is reasonable and enforceable.

The amount is within the margins set by the BPA Code of Practice for enforcement of parking on private land.

What happens if my appeal is rejected?

We will notify you of the outcome of your appeal whether accepted or rejected.
If you have not heard from us, do not consider your appeal successful.  Do not contact us again within 28 days of appealing to allow for processing and postage delays. 
If we reject your appeal we will give you the reason and if applicable provide you with a 10 digit verification code to appeal to POPLA.
POPLA is the independent appeals service which you may use only after your appeal has been rejected by us.
Note if your POPLA appeal is unsuccessful you will no longer be able to pay the discounted rate.