Flashpark - How it Works

How it Works

What is Flashpark?

Flashpark is the non confrontational online facility that allows you to solve parking problems on private property. Fitting our warning notices in your car park has two effects:

  1. It stops unauthorised parking.
  2. It ensures that authorised vehicles park in designated spaces.

Once you report a vehicle to us, and send correct photo evidence, we will send the vehicle's registered keeper a parking charge notice - as quickly as two days later. When a vehicle is reported its registration is checked for accuracy and cross-checked against the police stolen vehicle register. At all times the driver is liable. See press articles.

Please note if you are looking to generate revenue from surplus parking click on ScanPark.

How does it work?

You create a legally enforced controlled parking zone around the area you want to protect. You do this by displaying our warning signs in clear and prominent places around the parking area and at the entrances. All our warning signs have been approved by the plain English organisation, the Word Centre. Once you have put up your signs, and sent us photographic evidence of where they are, you can start to report offenders. The set-up guide you receive with your signs tells you how to do this.

How many signs do I need?

The number of signs you need depends on the size of your parking area. MINIMUM TWO SIGNS REQUIRED FOR APPROVING A SMALL PARKING AREA. If you have only one parking space we have a different solution - please Click on the Link: FLASHPEEL

Up to 5 spaces (marked or unmarked) - you need to display 2 signs inside and 1 sign by the entrance (if you own the entrance)

Up to 15 spaces (marked or unmarked) - you need to display 4 signs inside and 1 sign by the entrance (if you own the entrance)

Up to 30 spaces (marked or unmarked) - you need to display 6 signs inside and 1 sign by the entrance (if you own the entrance)

Up to 50 spaces (marked or unmarked) - you need to display 8 signs inside and 1 sign by the entrance (if you own the entrance)

Up to and over 100 spaces (marked or unmarked) - you need to display 12 signs inside and 1 sign by the entrance (if you own the entrance)

Where can I use FlashPark?

Any off-street parking: for example, forecourts, housing associations, commercial and residential property, private landlords, retail parks, shopping centres, colleges and universities, doctor's surgeries, property managing agents, pubs and offices.

What do I need to do?

Simply create an account online. Then order your warning signs and display them in clear and prominent places around the parking area. We can customise the signs to suit your circumstances and your parking rules. As soon as the signs are displayed, and we have approved your photographic evidence of this, you can begin to issue tickets.

How do I issue tickets?

Take a picture of the vehicle in its offending position. Log in to our website and enter the vehicle registration number. Enter the date and time of the offence. Upload the photograph. That's it. We will then issue a parking charge notice by post to the vehicle's owner within two working days. The enforcement process will follow and we will pursue any unpaid tickets using an approved credit-control agency.

Will it solve my parking problem?

Our experience is that the signs themselves act as an excellent deterrent. If vehicles continue to park and break your parking rules, use our website and we will issue tickets and pursue payment. This will deter any persistent offenders.

Why is this unique?

Every ticket is backed up with strong photographic evidence of where the offence took place. This strong evidence is vital in our enforcement procedure and reduces the number of appeals. Our warning signs and parking charge notices do not mention you, our client. Our service is free to our clients, as we get our income from the paid parking charge notices and from renting out our warning signs.

What does it cost?

FlashPark is a free service to use. We get our income when we recover parking charges and by renting out our warning signs.

The advantages of FlashPark's online service:

  1. We get the evidence of the offence instantly (no postal delays).
  2. A digital photo of the vehicle in its offending position is all the evidence we need.
  3. Free service to landowner (except for the rental of the signs).
  4. As a landowner you only have to sign up once. You can then register several car parking areas under one account which can be anywhere in the UK.
  5. A parking charge notice takes seconds to issue and can be cancelled by yourself at any time.
  6. No confrontation.
  7. The landowner can cancel a ticket.
  8. Drivers can view all the photo evidence online.
  9. You can choose to issue a warning first with our easy to remove notices.

Warning signs?

FlashPark charges a rental fee on the warning signs supplied. You pay the year's rental in advance when you place an order online.

Replacement signs

You can order replacement warning signs at any time. This is one-off payment - no rental fees.

Cancelling a parking ticket

Parking charge notices can be cancelled at any time, but only by the customer-account holder. There is a £15 charge for this.

Closing an account

If you would like to stop using the service you can do so at any time by emailing us giving one month notice.


As of 1st October 2015 we are no longer allowed to pay commission on tickets. This is an industry wide standard, please refer to the BPA Code of Practice.

How do I contact Flashpark?

If you are a potential customer and want to know how the service works we recommend that you watch the video on our homepage and download the Set up and support guide PDF.

If you have any questions you can send them to us using the ‘contact us ’ section, where you can leave your name and contact number with a brief note of your enquiry.