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 Car parking problems in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is located on the Firth of Forth on the country’s east coast. It is Scotland's second most inhabited city next to Glasgow and is the seventh largest population within the United Kingdom, of approximately 1,400, 000 inhabitants. Edinburgh is also the financial and administrative hub of Scotland and where the Scottish Parliament meet. The city is the largest financial centre in the UK after London. As the heart of Scotland, there are the expected traffic and parking problems in Edinburgh.

This historic city also attracts many tourists including overseas visitors due to its annual Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe. Other tourist attractions which include Edinburgh CastleHolyrood Palace, its historic churches, the Medieval Old Town and the extensive Georgian New Town, makes Edinburgh the United Kingdom's second most popular city for tourists after London. The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582, is now one of four in the heavily student-populated city.

Edinburgh's Old Town and New Town are ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town runs downhill and terminates at Holyrood Palace and its winding streets give the area a Medieval charm while the New Town lends a Georgian elegance, similar to Bath.

When visiting the city, it is a good idea to plan your stay and be aware of potential travel and parking problems in Edinburgh.

The local authority website is a good place to check for travel and traffic disruption caused by roadworks, and road closures within the city. There is information and maps showing disabled parking spaces, car parks, parking for coaches, motorcycles, long vehicles and caravans. Also, for prices and further information about public and private parking spaces, check out parking websites where it is possible to book spaces online.

An internet search is a good place to start sourcing parking space availabilities. There are online directories with private parking spaces listed such as on private driveways and in individual garages etc. that are available to the public at a small cost.