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 Parking problems in Manchester

Manchester is a city located in the north of England. It boasts an urban population of 3 million people. The city is home to many tourist attractions such as the Coronation Street studios and is also home to the sporting giants Manchester United Football Club. Manchester is also a thriving University town and has a busy financial and commercial district. Within the city, there are two impressive shopping malls called The Arndale Centre and The Trafford Centre. Manchester is well-connected to the rest of the UK via the M6 and M60 motorways. It has a good train service and is also home to an international airport. It is therefore a busy city and it is wise, prior to visiting as a motorist, to research any potential traffic and parking problems in Manchester.


Manchester’s City Council is responsible for the traffic flow of the city and any information regarding driving and parking within the city and its metropolitan boroughs can be accessed via its website.


Maps showing available council-controlled car parking spaces, costs and locations can be easily accessed by Blue Badge users, cyclists, motorcyclists and residents. Information about parking zones, restrictions, parking permits and traffic violations is also available. It is possible to pre-book car parking spaces online or by using a mobile phone app.


Other ways to book parking spaces is to access websites which give out details of privately owned parking spaces and car parks. Private parking car parks often belong to supermarkets, pubs, gyms, hotels and restaurants, all which should display the terms and conditions of parking and details about any potential fines for non-payment and overstaying the allowed time. Private car park owners can issue fines for any parking violations. Although they can no longer clamp cars, private owners can quickly issue a fine to address car parking problems in Manchester, via Parking Charge Notices. These are sent to the offender’s address with a picture of their vehicle outlining the offence with the amount of the fee payable and the date it is due.


So, when accessing a major city such as Manchester, it is best to remember that parking space is at a premium and to use available websites to book in advance and minimise the stress of parking and alleviate overall parking problems in Manchester.