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       Nuisance Parking On Private Land 

DEVON also known as Devonshire, Devon is a county of England, it’s a part of southwest England. The north and south coasts of Devon have both Cliffs and Sandy Beaches and the county bays have Seaside Resorts, Fishing towns and Ports.

Devon’s economy is linked with TOURISM because of mild climate, Coastlines and landscapes given rise to destination for Leisure.

Devon council has proposed a “Devon Metro” scheme to improve rail services and offering an alternative to travel by Car, Walk, and Cycle or by bus. If you are travelling by Car than the Devon council has standardised the parking dispensation system.

As Devon is most Tourism county, there has been increase of travellers from past few years because of that there is a lot of problem with nuisance parking on private land. There are parking lots allocated for vehicles which are pay and display parking’s but people still do nuisance parking on private lands to save little money which make irritation to private land owners.

To avoid this nuisance parking on private land there are some private companies who provide the services to maintain private parking by serving self-parking charge notices. So that people stop doing nuisance parking on private land and park properly in suitable provided parking by county councils.

So if you are planning to visit Devon, make sure you go online and gather the information for parking places available to make your life easier and private land owners as well. Otherwise you will end up with receiving parking charge notice because of nuisance parking on private lands.