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 Parking Problems in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second most heavily populated city in the UK, outside London. As with the capital, there are parking problems in Birmingham; parking spaces are at a premium and the parking charges and the penalties can be high.


If you are visiting the city, it is worth doing your research beforehand. Online, there are designated websites that addresses car parking problems in Birmingham which gives out information regarding the best places to park; the opening times of short stay and long stay car parking and the charges. It is possible to view a map of the available city car parks, which have charges that range from £1.40 to £12 for two hours. It is worth remembering that the nearer you are to the city centre, the higher the premium. This helpful website also gives a walking distance time from the car park to your destination.


For longer term parking, the prices vary from £24 to £82 a week depending on the service you require. For example, it is possible to book Meet and Greet parking at a higher rate if you require a drop off of your vehicle to leave the rest to the experts to deal with any parking problems in Birmingham.


The city has also invested in providing solutions to parking problems for disabled car users, cyclists and motor cyclists. The city council’s website provides information on Blue Badge parking and buying parking permits for those who need to stay in the city on a long-term basis.


Within the city and its huge urban sprawl, there are numerous bus services and a yellow taxi service like those used in New York, that provide a continuous service for the towns’ residents and visitors.