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Parking problems in Manchester

Manchester is dubbed the capital of the North of England, even though on the map it is rather close to the English Midlands. We address parking problems in Manchester.

Manchester is an ancient city and had been in centuries past a place where escaped slaves (villeins) fled to seek shelter. Much later, it became a northern centre for the Industrial Revolution that swept the country and changed the world in many different ways. Goods manufactured in Mancunian workshops and factories were found as far away as China and South America.

Parking problems in Manchester are not as "problematic" as in London and there is nothing like the Congestion Charge as in London but in the city centre on-street parking is difficult to find and time limited with two hour zones and three hour zones.

Otherwise, the ubiquitous NCP (National Car Parks) multi-story car parks are prevalent for the usual high prices.

Changes are on the way:

Persons visiting Manchester, whether as residents, visiting business people or holiday makers are about to be in the position where they will be able to discover and use parking spaces by using their mobiles. We think that this is a revolutionary change for the better for all three categories of parking space seekers. Parking problems in Manchester are a high priority for local planners.

All this is under the rubric of real time computer programming and the vehicle for change in this context is something called the Parker App. The objective is that people will not, when using the Parker App, have to drive around looking for spaces which is wearing on the nerves. We understand that the City Fathers intend the Parker Apps to be free for users. Possessors of:

  • Android
  • iphones

Will be able to use the Parker App.

Apparently, this contraption informs the driver where the nearest parking space happens to be to him/her in real time and is part of the Sat Nav system. The date is given vocally.

Manchester boasts that what is done there is done later by the rest of the country. That applied during the 19th century but whether or not its applies in the 21st century is open to experiment. The Parker App will no doubt be part of the testing of the boast. The intention is that as is other Sat Nav software the driver can use it while actually behind the wheel and driving; the voice activation is to prevent him/her taking eyes off the road to get the data.

Nowhere else in the country and possibly the world is doing this so it will be another first for Manchester if it works.

We understand that the initial "trial" will last for approximately 180 days and will be active in:

  • The King Street area
  • Chinatown
  • Northern quarter

The local authority will give interested drivers free downloads.

The City Fathers hope that the greater amount of information than hitherto and the detail of said information will make the motorists happy.

They expect that companies will have Parker apps included on their websites for visitors to use.

Apparently an electronic sensor will be under each parking bay and this is linked to a central processor that runs the whole program. There are facilities for paying by "phone and they make sure that the driver knows how much this will cost in advance.

Time will tell.