thermoplastic line markings

Car park road markings

Car parks serve the interests of the general public, the employees of an organization or the customers of an organization. They are also big business and therefore car park road marking is a worthy subject of interest for anyone ranging from the curious member of the public to the parking professional. Businesspeople too are entitled to take an interest provided they have a car park!

Why have car park road marking at all? It is faster and easier to simply have an area designated for designated people to park with no road marking.

The reason is that car park road marking optimizes space and minimizes quarrels about who parks where.

This writer has identified the following kinds of car park road markings:

  1. Cycle lanes
  2. Hatched areas
  3. Give-way junctions
  4. Road marking (very big car parks)
  5. Aisles
  6. Work stations (special car parks)
  7. Gangways
  8. Parking bays (the most frequent)

A well marked car park adds a touch of finish and professionalism that is essential in the first-world and advisory in other kinds of places.

People talk of epoxy and paints but thermoplastics are the bench mark up to today and they and they alone stand the test of time which in this case amounts to wear and tear over time. They are also expensive and require the services (preferably) of professional applicators.

These professionals provide:

  1. Asphalt repair
  2. Parking lot line striping
  3. Seal coating
  4. Hot rubber crack sealing

In addition to the core business of getting the thermoplastic on the surface.

Parking stencils add a touch of professionalism to the work and these are part of the services of the professionals.

For the proud owner of the recently built shopping complex and similar we are anxious to stress the centrality of using car park road marking for the benefit of customers and others. The cost is worth it and money well spent.

thermoplastic line markings