Parking management solutions

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Parking management solutions are a fairly prominent facet of adult life for people for whom the United Kingdom is home. Increasing population density and use of the motor vehicle dictate that who can park, where and when commands a high priority in many if not most people's lives. Many homeowners and commercial property managers have problems about "cars that are parked on my land."

Parking management solutions for government, central and local, are a case apart and the systems that govern their approach and management to on-street parking, for instance, have a completely different context to private parking issues that afflict the private landowner.

It is essential in this "cars that are parked on my land" matter, as in so many other branches of life, that one adhere strictly to the applicable rules and regulations. Fast and loose methods with a subjective approach are inappropriate and sometimes illegal in the advanced countries such as the United Kingdom.

As a general guide and almost from the top of one's head we suggest, for a start, that the prospective company that manages this for customers is under the supervision of:

  1. The British Parking Association
  2. The Approved Operator Scheme
  3. The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority
  4. The Security Industry Authority

There might be other associations as well.

Cars that are parked on my land

In this age of computerised communications and the handling of confidential information such as registered ownership of vehicles we recommend that the company under consideration is a registrant in the Data Protection Act 1998's list.

For part of the alpha touch in parking management solutions in the UK one might advisedly want to deal with a contractor who is a member of the Institute of Parking Professionals.

Experience and time has proved that in this matter as in much else there has to be solidity to the deterrence. Positive conditioning (as in rewarding for not wrongly parking) is not seriously on the cards.

Persons involved in parking management solutions essentially of the "cars that are parked on my land" variety as private sector problems find that the legal basis of parking enforcement in this arena is part of contract law; depending on the exact situation, on-street and other public sector parking wrongs can be criminal or something to do with the law of tort.

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