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Car park management in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in England and covers a large urban area in the Midlands. Due to the volume of traffic in the city and its surrounds, there is a need for effective car park management in Birmingham, within its car parks and parking spaces.


Without any effective car park management in Birmingham, the city is susceptible to parking offences and unauthorised parking which can cause problems to the flow of traffic and can pose threats to road safety. For example, vehicles should park safely away from entrances and exits which can potentially block emergency vehicles or cause threats to child safety if parked in restricted zones such as near schools.


Within the city, there are a number of parking areas controlled by it’s local authority but there are many other parking options for the motorist. There is National Car Parks ( NCP) which is the largest parking provider in the UK, and manages official parking sites at Birmingham’s International Airport and at other locations such as hotels, The Bullring Shopping Centre, and the city’s two main railway stations, Moor Station and New Street Station.


Many of the car parks available in the city are expensive and cannot offer enough spaces to accommodate the large number of car users visiting Birmingham. Parking in Birmingham can also be difficult as there are areas of the city that have restricted spaces, or that belong to residents or permit holders.


It is, however, possible to pre-book available spaces which can offer good discounts on car parking in Birmingham websites.


There are many car park management solutions available in Birmingham these days due to the elimination of the use of the wheel-clamp. Nowadays, private companies have emerged to offer car park space owners solutions including the management of parking permits, maximum stay parking, no parking at any time, parking enforcement, security guards, parking maintenance, signage and even landscaping.


The most common problem with any commercial parking facility is unauthorised parking and companies that provide car parking management in Birmingham can find and identify any unauthorised parking offences and issue Penalty Charge Notices ( PCNs) that can be attached to the windscreen or sent to the vehicle owner’s home address.


There are many other solutions to the commercial parking problems that can be easily enforced to help control the issue of unauthorised visitor parking in Birmingham, if researched via the internet.